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    Jolida JD 9 II Phono Preamp 120V New

    Sold out.


    Jolida JD 9 II Phono Preamp 
    MSRP = $699.00

    If vinyl is a source of enjoyment, then the JD9II is a versatile and easy to use tube unit that is sure to enhance your sound.  Based on an earlier circuit we have improved the unit with a larger power supply, the addition a a robust voltage regulator, upgrade output capacitors and changes to the resistor arrays. With dim adjustments and two levels of output, you can easily configure the unit into your system, and then the fun begins.


    Frequency Response - 5Hz to 100KHz
    SNR - > 100db
    Distortion THD - less than 0.01%
    Input Impedance - 100Kohms
    Output Impedance - 600 ohms
    Phono Stage:

    MM - 60 dB, 5 mV

    MC High - 75 dB, 0.5 mV - 1.5 mV
    MC Low - 85 dB, 0.25 mV - 0.5 mV

    Input Resistance - 100 ohm, 300ohm, 1Kohm, 47Kohm
    Input Capacitance - 47 PF, 100 PF, 150 PF, 220 PF
    Tube Compliment - 2 pcs. 12AX7
    Size - 17" x 13" x 2"

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