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    Lambert "The Force" 50 W per channel Class D Amplifier

    Sold out.


    Lambert "The Force" 50 W Per Channel Amplifier 

    An amplifier's task is to take the incoming audio signal, and turn it in to sufficient power to drive the loudspeakers - or "Force" them to move. "The Force" is a 50 watt per channel (into 4 ohms) stereo amplifier, utilizing a switch-mode power supply, and a superlative Class D amplifier stage. This technology is provided for us by ICEpower, of Denmark. It matches our loudspeakers, and effortlessly turns electrical signals into music, all at an incredible near 85% efficiency. You can listen as loud as you like, for as long as you like, and it barely gets warm.

    The amplifier also produces a mixed mono out signal, available on an RCA socket from the rear of the unit, to provide signals for our Sub-woofer.

    It is short circuit protected, over voltage protected, under voltage protected, and over temperature protected. It will not allow it's output to "clip", thus protecting your loudspeakers. You can even switch it in to a very low power mode, that totally disconnects the amplifier stages, to change cables, move loudspeakers etc., without fear of damaging the amplifier. Small. Powerful. Involving. A true "Force" to be reckoned with.



    • Mains input:                  85 - 132VAC & 170 - 264VAC. (Internally adjusted by service personal only).
    • Output Power:              2 x  47W into 4 ohm. (both channels driven).
    • Dynamic Range:          120dBA
    • THD+N:                         Better than .003% @ 1W, 1kHz.
    • Efficiency:                     Better than 81% @ 100W, 4 ohm
    • Features                       Thermal Protection, Over Current protection, Sound Optimized Soft Clipping.
    • Conforms to:                 IEC 60065, UL 60065, EN 55013 and others.
    • Product Dimensions:     105mm Wide x 154mm Deep x 100mm High.

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