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    Lambert "The Full Force" - 170 W Single Channel Amplifiers Pair

    Sold out.


    The Lambert Company The Full Force - 170 W Single Channel Amplifiers Pair

    Like "The Force", "The Full Force" features ICEpower technology, in the same physical dimensions, but operating in Bridge Mode (BTL), giving over 100 Watts into 8 ohms, and an amazing 170 Watts into 4 ohms. All with the same, effortless, highly efficient, totally protected ease.

    Used with any of our source components, a pair of these Mono-block units will drive a pair of large floor standing loudspeakers, or put together a number of these to make up a superb Home Theater amplifier, with as many channels as you require.


    • Mains input:                  85 - 132VAC & 170 - 264VAC. (Internally adjusted by service personal only).
    • Output Power:              170W into 4 ohm. (both channels driven).
    • Dynamic Range:          125dBA
    • THD+N:                        Better than .002% @ 1W, 1kHz.
    • Efficiency:                     Better than 81% @ 170W, 4 ohm
    • Features:                      Thermal Protection, Over Current protection, Sound Optimized Soft Clipping.
    • Conforms to:                 IEC 60065, UL 60065, EN 55013 and others.
    • Product Dimension:      105mm Wide x 154mm Deep x 100mm High


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