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    Black Ravioli Sticky Pad 1 Isolation Pad and Feet Sound Dampeners New

    $ 46.00


    Black Ravioli Sticky Pad 1 Isolation Pad and Feet Sound Dampeners New
    Item: Black Ravioli Sticky Pad 1. The Sticky Pad 1 mounts on the bottom of your components. Sold individually.

    The Sticky Pad 1 and 2 are the jack of all trades pad in the second generation range. The StickyPad 1 is designed to fit directly on to the base of equipment and accessories such as power supply boxes. Additionally they can be used on the base of speaker stands and small column speakers when they are used on a solid base.
    The pads are pre loaded for better efficiency yet still have nominally 1mm of additional compression available to allow for the settling of the equipment.

    The Sticky Pad 2 is the inverse of Sticky Pad 1 and it is designed to fix onto, for example, the top of speaker stands. Additionally it can be used with a flat sheet of say polycarbonate material that has the same plan layout dimension as the equipment to give a secure and fixed arrangement of pads that are easily removed and replaced.
    The nominal dimensions of the Sticky Pad 1 and Sticky Pad 2 are 41.5mm x 41.5mm x 11mm(10mm fully compressed).

    They can be used in this way under laptop computers that are being utilisedas music servers.

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