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Margules Audio Magenta FZ47DB Phono Pre Amp

$ 749.00


Margules Magenta Phono Stage FZ47DB

High Resolution, dynamic, detailed, Phono preamplifier for the most demanding audiophiles and music lovers. The Margules FZ47DB is the first phono stage to take all the details and rich sounds provided by your phono cartridge and allow it to perform to its maximum potential. 

The philosophy behind the FZ47DB is based in a circuit topology that does not use any negative feedback: all the RIIA equalization is passive. It is a multi-stage unit totally discrete, that in each step amplifies and shapes the response until the RIIA is perfectly obtained. Our shunt power supply is extremely quiet, and its role in the final sound, is key to its inherent sound characteristic. It gives the user an extended flexibility to adapt to thier system. The unit incorporates internal dip switches, with 16 different input impedance levels that vary from 27K to 390 K Ohms. To complement the design effort, we have chosen to incorporate precision metal-film resistors, audio grade polypropylene capacitors, silver coated PC board and gold plated connectors.

Preset Input Impedance: 47 Kohms

Maximum output Voltage: Gain: 54 dB Noise: 0.14mV

Loaded S/N Ratio: 90 dB at max. output 10 V