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    Marinco 15a 125v Straight Blade Connector Female 5269BL DIY Power Cord Cable NEW

    $ 8.99


    Marinco 15a 125v Straight Blade Connector Female 5269BL "Do It Yourself" Power Cord Cable NEW FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.A.

    Product Features:

    All nylon construction for durablity
    Redundant-terminal markings allow for quickest, easiest assembly
    Dust Seal keeps contaminants out of wiring chamber.
    Two screws for fast assembly
    Terminals are open and ready to wire
    Internal cord clamp provides superior strain relief
    Close-in wire entrance holes and generous wiring space make it easy to wire
    Uses the exclusive Perma-Lock terminal

    5-15R, 15 Amp/125 Volt, straight blade, connector, all black