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    MIT Oracle AC2 Power Filter Cable Power Cord 2m (6.6ft) New in the box

    $ 4,499.00


    MIT Oracle AC2 Power Filter Cable Power Cord 2m (6.6ft) New in the boxOriginal MSRP = $4,499.00 Item: MIT Oracle AC2 Power cable. This cable is 2 meters in length and is brand new in the box. Audio nerd has the best rock bottom prices on MIT cables out there. Don't miss out! Get yours today!7 Filterpoles The Oracle AC 2 takes the unique
    conductor configurations and low-resistance silver-clad conductors of
    the AC 1 and builds upon it by providing the complete AC filter and
    power factor correction circuitry originally found in the Z-Stabilizer
    (tuned for audio frequencies). This unique patented parallel circuitry
    removes all frequencies other than 50-60Hz and improves the power factor
    so that your components receive 50-60 Hz 110V power (and nothing else)
    providing absolutely noise free power and for noise free sound. The
    result is greater clarity, dynamics, and imaging at all volume levels
    including extremely sensitive low volume situations.