May 24 , 2015


Steve Holt

The Audio Nerd & Lambert at T.H.E. Show Newport

Unquestionably a unique high-end audio show. Ultra high-end systems, affordable surprises, food trucks, live music, exotic cars to sunny weather and The Audio Nerd and Lambert will be there.

We'll be at T.H.E. Show Newport

The Audio Nerd will be at T.H.E. Newport Show at the Hotel Irvine in Southern California from May 29th through the 31st. Please stop by and visit us in T.H.E. Marketplace booths E29/E30.

The Lambert Small Wonder Series are straight forward audio components that look as good as they sound, and are designed to fit into smaller spaces. If you’re looking for the ultimate desk top audio system, then you have found it!  Lambert product demonstrations at T.H.E. Newport Show in Room 1121

We sent this crazy offer to our email subscribers (subscribe here to get in on the deals first).  

The Audio Nerd is heading down to T.H.E. Show Newport and the truck is getting pretty full so we're giving you crazy discounts on selected inventory so we can lighten the load.

Get an additional 30% OFF by using coupon code: ROADTRIP30. You have to hurry because we're down to our last one left in inventory on most items and once it's gone you are SOL. Anything not sold gets loaded on the truck and T.H.E. attendees get the deal so SHOP NOW before they are gone for good.

Coupon Code ROADTRIP30


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